Collectible Barbie Dolls- Make Plutocrat With Your Collection

Barbie will be 50 times old in 2009. Wow I wish we all looked that good at 50. Of course she has had plastic surgery over the decades. She has indeed had a complete body relief.

bluey and Barbie was first made in 1959 by Mattel and millions have been vended each over the globe since also. On March 9th 1959 Barbie was displayed at the New York Toy Fair and that date is her sanctioned birthday. She wore a one piece black and white zebra banded swimsuit, high heel open toe shoes, circle earrings and had white sunglasses with blue lenses. She has golden or swart hair pulled back in a ponytail and she has explosively arched eyebrows and white irises. She was made from a type of plastic which has faded to white over the times. She has bobby tubing in her legs and holes in the bases for mounting on a pedestal. She’s pronounced JAPAN on the bottom of the right bottom and on the body she’s pronounced Barbie TM Pats. Pend. Brand MCMVIII.

If you find one of these dolls in good condition you have a collectors delight which is worth quite a bit of plutocrat. The exact value depends on the condition and absoluteness of the doll. Any missing corridor or damage will lower the value mainly. This doll is known as the# 1 Ponytail Barbie.

The# 2 Ponytail Barbie is the same as# 1 except that there’s no bobby tubing in the legs or holes in the bases. The pedestal was changed and made with extensions to support the doll.

The# 3 Ponytail Barbie is the same as# 2 but has different eyebrows and blue irises. She may have blue or brown eyeliner makeup.

The# 4 Ponytail Barbie is made from a non fading plastic which retains it’s meat color. She has blue eyeliner makeup.

The# 5 Ponytail Barbie was made with a concave plastic body rather than the solid type plant in earlier editions. The markings are analogous with the difference that she’s pronounced R Pats. Pend. rather than TM Pats. Pend. A new hair color was added to the line, known as titian, and dolls with this hair color are scarcer and thus worth further than the brunette or golden dolls. The plastic in some dolls had a problem which caused a slithery appearance with age. The regular matte faced doll, if you find one, is more precious than a slithery faced doll.

The# 6 Ponytail Barbie was made from a new vinyl which doesn’t develop a slithery appearance as it periods. Her lips and fingernails are a pinkish red rather than the former bright red. She’s sheathe in a red swimsuit and has open toe, red, shoes.

The# 7 Ponytail Barbie was made in colorful different hair colors including brunette, titian, lemon golden and ash golden. Her lips and nails are coral red. This new edition was brought out in the 1962-1963 period and the markings came Midge TM brand 1962/ Barbie brand 1958 by Mattel. Dolls with this new marking are frequently called the# 7 Ponytail Barbie but numerous people still call them# 6. Dolls made before the transfiguration in 1962 are scarcer and further precious than the new edition.

Condition is really the most important factor in putting a value on early Barbie dolls. Collectors want a doll which is clean, fully original and notdamaged.Such a doll fetches topprice.However, and in mint condition, it’s a largely desirable collectors doll and will cost a decoration price, If the doll is in its original packaging. Dolls which have in any way been repaired, restored or repainted are worth lower than those left in the faded original condition.

Where can you anticipate to find early collectible Barbie dolls? The answer is nearly anywhere, if you know what you’re looking for. The vast maturity of people don’t know what an old Barbie doll looks like or that it’s precious. You can find old Barbie dolls occasionally by looking in providence or alternate hand stores, fleamarkets and garage deals. Be sure to carry a magnifier to read the markings on the Barbie dolls when you’re out there searching. Stylish of Luck.