Climbing Mount Kinabalu

A keen mountaineer myself, and one who has peaked Mt Kinabalu over 35 times whilst leading multitudinous excursionists, I feel it’s only right that I should conduct some of my knowledge onto you, so you aren’t only well set but also enjoy every aspect of this exhilarating yet occasionally delicate hike, because you have everything you need.


My number one must do, Hire a Porter Yes we all want to prove we’re strong and fit, not taking any backing whilst touring up mountains, but is not it YOUR vacation? And if that is not enough let me tell you a bit about the incredibly pleasurable Dusun people that make a living guiding and porting up MtK. Originally you’re offering someone a job, enjoying a friendly smile and maybe’if you are lucky’some broken English along the way. Do not be hysterical to walk along with your gatekeeper, and virgin converse, after all if you are that fit you should be suitable to keep up with them. Your companion is a must-have, after all you simply are not allowed to climb the mountain without one. Do not be shy, it’s only going to make your rise a disappointing one if you do not walk down with a many new stylish musketeers, you may indeed get an invite to the vill.

Secondly and another good reason to hire a Porter You need to be prepared for hot rainfall and veritably cold rainfall in the one pack, you also need commodity  handheld umbrella with lights to sleep in, toiletries, so let the gatekeeper carry these for you and enjoy the lighter cargo on the first day.


Effects I recommend carrying on you for the first day

  1. Small pack (camel pack) with 2 litre water bladder
  2. Exigency plastic wrap (and marquee if you are not too embarrassed)
  3. A light coat for rest stops ( don’t let your body cool down too important)
  4. High energy snacks
  5. Camera and water evidence bag
  6. Head arsonist ( don’t use a handheld arsonist, you need both hands to climb on the alternate day)

.7. Small first aid tackle or bring a many effects like a girth, bandaids and antiseptic spray

.8. Sun Block

  1. Walking stick (your choice)
  2. Some plutocrat, you have to buy your food at the accommodation it’s not cheap, but there are a many particulars you may want, like the buffet regale and breakfast, so you’ll need about 100MYR, make sure you reconfirm prices with your companion before you leave, as it may have changed since my last rise.